A Trip to Nature

May 14, 2017

 Eva here had decided to explore the nature one fine morning. Of course this was the morning where I had the most busiest schedule and could not accompany her. So I Ashley, am here to narrate the experiences she faced through her "journey" of nature. 

Day 1: The beginning 

So on the first day, she had a 12 hour journey by bus. And let me tell you bus rides are the best when you're with your friends. And yes, she was with her friends. I wouldn't send her alone of course. It is against my morals. And my etiquettes for being the best friend she could ever have. 

So back to the point, the 12 hour journey passed by in a blink thanks to her fellow compadres, and she reached to her destination by 10 in the morning the next day. She obviously had to freshen up because she was exhausted and then after breakfast it was time to begin her trip to explore the varieties nature had to offer. By that I mean trekking. She and her friends had went on a trek throughout the forests that were all around the place. I won't name the place due to personal reasons but you get the idea right? So after a long trek in the hot sun they decided to take a rest and then their fellow instructors decided to kill the time by playing some kind of activities but due to some issues which I obviously have no idea of, it didn't happen. So they all decided to head back to the campsite in which they were staying in by the way, and had some evening snacks. After all that it was too late to do anything so they decided to call it a day and sleep on it. 
Thus was the end of her first day.

Day 2: The bonfire 

So like on the second day, she woke up, got dressed, had breakfast blah blah and all that stuff. And then they again ventured forward to explore the wonderful nature. And again, I mean trekking. Yes, they did this again today but I swear it gets better just keep reading. So after their so called "exploring the nature" they came back and went to another campsite where they played games. I know. They finally played games unlike the previous day. And guess what? They were distributed into teams! Now you must be thinking, a team should have a name right? Well that will be revealed in due time. You know, just to keep you interested. So there was a whole lotta team spirit and they were having the time of their lives. And then for the next activity of the day, they went repelling. Eva claims that this activity in particular was scary but she loved it. 

So after that "scary" activity they were just chilling ya know. Cuz that's what us teenagers do. We were made for chilling yo. So they were just chilling in the dining hall and now comes the part where I tell you all the names of the teams that were distributed. So since the concept was nature it should be something related to that right? Well there were 4 teams. The Chameleons, The Cheetahs, The Blue Panthers and The Bulls. I know. Such beautiful names right? Now I don't know what team Eva was in because she never told me. So after the naming ceremony, there was one particular activity that really intrigued Eva. So it was something like this. A sticky note would be given to each and every individual in which they had to write their dreams and aspirations and the purpose for coming to this trip. Now don't expect me to tell you what Eva wrote. Because it's often said that when you tell your dreams to other people it doesn't come true. So she's not taking any chances guys. Well this was a really nice activity because everyone got to know a bit about each other even it its just 2 sentences. 

Then came another activity which apparently was the funniest thing Eva did all day. And that was to build a dream catcher with waste materials. Now what was so funny about that you ask? Probably the fact that their dream catcher was by far the worst thing they had ever made and were laughing so hard at their failed attempts. Everyone was given 30-45 mins for this and the time came where everyone had to show their wonderful masterpiece. Now, Eva's team was hiding behind other team members in shame because of their horrible creation of a dream catcher. Hey, A for effort am I right? 

Now for the most awaited activity of the day, and judging by the title you probably guessed it. THE DJ AND THE BONFIRE! It was like everyone was just living for this moment in particular. Everyone danced their heart out and jammed to some of their favorite beats. And yeah the bonfire was pretty dope. Kind of like in the movies where everyone is just gathered around and talking about anything and everything and there is that one guy who is playing the guitar and everyone is singing along. That's what I imagined in my head anyway. So the day ended with them just practically acting like drunkards and just dancing all night long until they were too exhausted to do anything. And the best part, they had Chinese for dinner. Chinese out in the wilderness just makes your day better doesn't it?
And after that they went back to their cottage and slept like logs. That was the end of her fabulous day.

Day 3: The finale

So the time had come when it was her last day with her fellow compadres. But something peculiar happened the morning they woke up. They were hearing all sorts of weird noises from the room upstairs and decided to check it out. There was some kind of activity being done where they had to wake everyone up. So they danced, made weird noises and basically acted like goofs. It eventually woke everyone up. And then after all of this they got ready for another activity called "big fish small fish". Now I know that sounds like a weird game and honestly I had no idea what this game was about. Eva also refused to explain it to me because it might be that it was the most stupidest thing ever. I mean, do they catch fishes or something and rank them as big or small? I had no clue. Oh and apparently Eva had won in this game.

So after that they had another activity known as a commando net. Where you obviously had to climb a commando net and go to the other side. I hate those things. It is pretty hard getting on one of those all the way to the top. Anyway, they had about an hour or two left until they had to depart so they all gathered at a friend's cottage to play bluff. For those of you who don't know it is a game where you basically lie to win. I am not good with definitions so spare me if I did a bad job of explaining it. There is google for a reason. So after that, they packed all their bags and went to the main area where they played some more activities which are irrelevant to explain. Then the time had come when their thrilling journey was over and they went back to their buses all the way back home. By bus of course.

So it goes to show how fun it can be to leave all the work aside and just go on a long trip. Look deep into nature, and you will understand things better. You will understand just how happy it makes you feel. Thus, was the end of her beautiful journey.

*Photo Credits -Mudit Mathur (Go follow him on insta)*

A Glimpse Into Our World

April 29, 2017

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